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How the expert desk works

Your Opportunity

The standardized technical examination of cost estimates, reports and invoices and their smooth integration in the insurance processes is an essential part of an efficient settlement of claims. The automated review of processes based on an individual set of rules and the management of processes depending on the result is your opportunity to significantly reduce processing time and costs.

Our Solution

The expert desk is a tailored customer solution that can be easily integrated into your automotive claims processing. Our automated processes support your experts with data-driven rule checks. In addition, we provide a complete platform for communicating with your partner workshops. In this way, your experts can focus on their technical expertise and ensure efficient claims settlement.


Efficiency starts with a system and an overview. Different document types, formats and input channels consume your experts’ valuable time and lead to inefficient processes right at the start. We therefore combine all of the claim documentation in one system and provide it with a clear arrangement.


We provide your experts with extensive tools for claims processing that they can use to thoroughly and efficiently check claims.


Predefined sets of rules help to assess claims according to insurance-specific parameters. Depending on needs, the automatically generated rule alerts can be customized and extended to check the claim even more efficiently.


The expert desk ensures rapid and active communication with the workshops. To this end, individual agreements with partner workshops are included in the data-driven review. They also receive prompt feedback of review results (approval, rejection, inspection, etc.) directly in their system (DAT, Audatex, Schwackendorf) to reduce processing time. If necessary, the creation of individual review alerts for the workshops is possible.


Complex processes require clear documentation. Accordingly, for each process, we generate a test report, which is forwarded via interface or via email to the internal computer systems.

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Your Benefits

All the benefits of the expert desk at a glance

  • Seamless integration of check results into your own system
  • Quick and active communication with the workshops
  • Optimal support of the check workplace
  • Focusing on expert review
  • Transparent monitoring of claims documents
  • Convenient search functions
  • Clear preparation of key indicators
  • Monthly reporting
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