“Because for our customers, it’s the result that counts” — Our cooperation with the industry expert faircheck

As a solution provider for the optimization of business processes in claims management, we work closely with the expert organization faircheck. In the combination of our products and services, we offer our customers additional value – a perfect combination for your success.


Automated claims management process

When it comes to building damage, it is necessary to repair the damage quickly, efficiently and expertly. This requires optimal design and control of the settlement process on the part of the insurer. A qualified review process, the on-site inspection, and the creation of an expert report play an important role. Due to the tight integration with our products, faircheck can act quickly and efficiently and further enhance the quality of your expert reports.

Synergies for the benefit of our customers

The cooperation provides added value for insurers, because we offer our services from a single source. From the structured and automated document check to the on-site inspection and report creation to final negotiation of claims, media-consistent and uniform communication channels are ensured. The structured interaction has a lasting impact on processing efficiency and settlement speed.

Coordinated reporting structures

The data and reporting structures of both companies will be aligned in the future. Thus, insurers receive all of the information required for decision-making in a standardized format, such as result reports, expert reports and evaluations. Based on these relevant and constantly updated indicators, you can improve your performance management and create the necessary transparency for the efficient management of your claims processes. Moreover, the checking rule sets can be further optimized by merging the results to significantly reduce data complexity.

Comprehensive review of all trades and characteristics

The extensive cross-trade knowledge available in the faircheck network is used to establish broader checking mechanisms. The proven technical expertise of faircheck will also have an impact in the document checking as part of the jointly offered review process. This enables checking gaps to be avoided and further reviews to be offered.