Founders' story

Learn more about where we come from in our Founders’ story.

“There must be a better way”

It’s 1995, Maurice and Marcel Oosenbrugh are sitting in their garage in a little town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Their father, an exporter manager for a major auto parts manufacturer for more than 30 years, passed on the passion for cars to his two sons. They learn the business at a very early age, know the market and the processes. And now, in the mid-1990s, they are both convinced that many things simply require too much effort. Hardly any workshop has an overview of the huge car parts market. Wherever they look, manual, time-consuming research processes in catalogues and on the phone are in place. They are sure that “there must be a better way“.

A few months later. Desks have been put up in their garage, covered with dozens of CD-ROMs. What’s on them? The first electronic auto parts catalog, and the brothers have the exclusive right to further develop and distribute it in Germany.

Maurice and Marcel had something that would soon set them apart. The skill to combine. In this case, they combined data competence and auto parts expertise – the established auto parts industry and the emerging world of computers. And it paid off. Four years later, 12,500 workshops all over Germany use the system provided by the specially founded company: Eucon Informationssysteme GmbH & Co. KG.

”Is that the end of the story?”

1999. Electronic becomes digital. It was the very start of what is now called big data and analytics. Marcel anticipated the trend – and combined it with his expertise in the automotive industry. This resulted in a data platform, allowing manufacturers, dealers and other industry participants to obtain comprehensive information about the competitive offer for the first time.

Today, the system is called PartsPool® – and has become an industry standard and the worldwide leading auto parts search engine. And what’s most important: it is an indispensible pool of data for manufacturers granting access to historical and current data.

“Who else could be interested?”

Billions of data sets including all relevant price and product information for spare parts: Maurice was convinced that there had to be more interested parties than just the automotive aftermarket.

So he again started to look for an innovative combination – and found new potential in the insurance industry: Processes in claims management that could be digitized, automated and simplified using data, technologies and the brothers’ expertise. And this combination worked out just as well. Today, Eucon is the leading digitalization partner for insurance companies. The success opened up more and more new business fields: the solutions for automated billing and document processing are successfully used to support business processes in the field of real estate.

”But that’s not all, is it?”

2017. Digital markets, connected industries. For 20 years now, Maurice and Marcel Oosenbrugh have been introducing new technologies in established companies, shaping industries and writing true success stories. Maurice and Marcel are investing in several young technology companies and support them in the development and implementation of their business models. In an increasingly complex digital environment, companies are challenged more than ever. Maurice and Marcel assist them in their digital evolution, right from the start. And that’s exactly what they want to build on in the future – to help shape the future.

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