Gryphos Fraud Detection

With intelligent checking processes, identify fraudulent claims and realize savings potential.

How Gryphos fraud detection works

Your Opportunity

Sometimes there are coincidences that are hard to believe. Insurers are regularly confronted with cases that suggest a fraudulent claim. Checking these efficiently is a challenge for insurance companies, because of the numerous data and factors to be considered. Only an optimized checking process can prevent unnecessarily excessive payouts and insurance premium increases.

Our Solution

Gryphos fraud detection uses smart checking processes to quickly and efficiently identify fraudulent claims and can be easily implemented in the automated car claims review. The self-learning system with predefined rules, which can be adapted to your individual requirements, enables the review to be completed quickly so that the focus remains on the relevant cases.


Efficiency starts with a system and an overview. Different document types, formats and input channels consume your experts’ valuable time and lead to inefficient processes right at the start. The specialized data extraction for automated document check ensures a clear arrangement of the relevant information and can be taken over by Eucon or other checking service providers.


Gryphos fraud detection draws on already successfully tested rules that simply identify abnormality values and check claims for their authenticity.


Depending on need, the rule sets may be supplemented by new stipulations. Here, individual thresholds and parameters can be stored for each and every rule. It is also possible to determine whether the rules affect abnormality values directly or are only utilized for evaluation purposes when required. They can be assigned both an incriminating as well as an exculpating effect here. For a uniform assessment of all fraudulent claim cases.


Abnormality values and insights can be integrated into other common fraud systems and vice versa, using interfaces that can be implemented. For the inclusion of all relevant data from internal and external sources.


The automated review results can now be evaluated by your experts directly and entered in the system.

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Your Benefits

All the benefits of Gryphos fraud detection at a glance

  • Use of already existing interfaces
  • Customer-side implementation is not required
  • Feedback portal with secure Internet connection
  • Uniform evaluation standards with fully automated Gryphos process
  • Linking all relevant data from internal and external sources
  • Detection of fraudulent patterns through statistical analysis
  • Customization of rule sets without own IT expenses through operation as Software as a Service
  • Self-learning system for fully automated checking processes in order to focus on relevant operations
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