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Growing together: Networking and knowledge exchange across teams

If strategy means change, then this change must also come to life in communication. This was the guiding principle of Eucon’s corporate communications division when it came to implementing the growth strategy for employees as part of the five-year plan within a holistic communications concept. The internal communication campaign themed “Let’s connect and grow together” stands for agility, team spirit and a new growth mindset. With the newly created “Eucon Talks”, the digitalization expert offers, among other things, a format that promotes the exchange of knowledge within the company and is intended to strengthen the feeling of togetherness.

Growing together: Networking and knowledge exchange across teams

With now over 400 employees, distributed across three business units and active in 80 countries, Eucon is a pioneer, thought leader and trailblazer in digital transformation. The company promotes exchange within the Eucon Group with the newly created format called “Eucon Talks”. The idea behind this series of regular talks followed by a discussion is to promote transparency and understanding of the wide range of exciting projects, use cases, and talents within the company and to jointly drive forward the company’s growth strategy through the sharing of knowledge. 

As Barbara Greissinger, Head of Corporate Communications at the Eucon Group, emphasized during the kick-off at the beginning of April 2022: “We have so many exciting topics, technologies and minds in the company. The regular exchange of knowledge and best practices helps all employees to think outside the box, learn new things and grow personally.” 

In the context of a presentation focusing on the keywords “People, Product, Technology or Topic”, everyone is given the opportunity to report on their work or experiences in the company, to present a product or project, or to share their knowledge regarding a particular technology. The plan is to include external speakers and offer impetus on current topics such as health, career and family, sustainability or cyber security.

The Eucon Talks are part of a series of activities and events within the scope of the internal communication campaign that follow the guiding motto “Let’s connect and grow together”. The aim of the campaign is to strengthen the sense of togetherness across country, divisional, and team boundaries. It calls upon all Eucon employees to network more closely, because networking bears a wealth of creative potential. In addition, the campaign motto implies the message: “Hey, we’re growing – and we’re growing together”. It illustrates that we are growing closer together in an increasingly networked world: as a team, with customers, partners and service providers, via digital systems and platforms.

With the breakthrough of mobile, digital work, companies have had to adapt. Maintaining informal communication is considered the biggest challenge in virtual teams. “By getting everyone connected and consequently working together more closely and in a more agile way, we can provide innovative solutions and business models for our customers. To achieve this, we have created an open corporate culture and a working environment that promotes a spirit of innovation, cohesion and diversity,” says Barbara Greissinger. In this respect, dialogue and exchange are the keys to success.

Written by Eucon Group