Our partnership with Repair Concepts — a beneficial cooperation for efficient claims management

Together with the Repair Concepts Group, market leader in the repair of doors, windows and building glass, we ensure that claims can be processed more quickly and cheaply. Our cooperation with Repair Concepts combines the qualified Eucon claims review with the mediation of repairmen at realizable prices.

Does a door have to be replaced after an attempted burglary or storm damage? Can it still be repaired and at what cost? Is the replacement of a broken pane of glass at more favorable conditions possible? — these are questions that the specialists at the Repair Concepts Group can answer. With this knowledge, we add the service of finding low-cost repairmen to our qualified claims review.

Synergies for the benefit of customers

Our customers not only have the advantage that they can carry out their settlement processes faster and cheaper, they can also pass on recommendations for a service provider to their policyholders and customers as a service.

In practice, this means that we electronically transmit the description of the loss occurrence and meaningful photos of the damaged item to Repair Concepts. Based on these records, specialists provide a nonbinding estimate of the technical feasibility of any remediation measures. If the available image material is not conclusive enough for a precise cost estimate, our partner also offers an on-site inspection by an expert of its nationwide network.

If a technical repair is possible, Repair Concepts prepares a nonbinding cost estimate, which we forward to our customers. They can then quickly forward the information whether and at what cost recovery is feasible to the policyholder/claimant.

Quality and Expertise

The Repair Concepts Group annually processes 24,000 claims for doors and windows. This fast and reliable processing of such claims is made possible by the 70 skilled craftsmen who work for the Repair Concepts Group on doors and windows made of plastic, wood and aluminum, and the connection to 400 glass specialist companies and freelance experts from the glass trade. Thus, Repair Concepts can guarantee a service with high quality, speed, transparency and significant cost reduction potential.

Together, we can use our expertise to provide significant relief for insurers. Just like us, Repair Concepts was also honored for its service quality by the prestigious Service Value GmbH and hnw consulting GmbH midway through last year.