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Course Program 2019

TMD Friction Service GmbH staff taking part in PartsPool® basic Training

22.04.2014: With a production of one million brake pads per day, the Luxembourg-based TMD Friction Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of brake friction material for OEM in the automotive and brake industry.


In addition to disc and drum brake pads for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the product portfolio also includes brake pads for racing and friction material for rail transport and industrial applications. This requires effective price management, which has been well-established for many years now with the aid of Eucon's information system PartsPool®.

"I was sceptical in the beginning, wondering whether a basic training course would make sense at all for a long-standing PartsPool® user. My conclusion now is: I can really recommend it to anyone. Over time, you get used to a certain handling of PartsPool®. In the course, all of the functions of the new software version were made accessible to us, opening up new approaches to work. Some aspects were explained in detail for the very first time. With these insights, we will certainly be able to make our processes and workflow even more efficient," says Frank Runde, Head of Global Pricing at TMD Friction Services GmbH by way of conclusion.