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Easy creation and verification of invoices

With the Towing Manager, the new accounting portal for towing and rescue companies, services for car towing, traffic surface cleaning and in the future even truck towing can be reported directly to insurers.

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It´s easy to save time and money

Your Benefits

  • Simple invoicing
  • Efficient approval processes and settlement
  • All services always in view
  • Delivery of invoices and check results directly to the claim file
  • Secure data transfer


Our Partners

These insurers process and settle claims submitted through the portal.

  Towing and rescue Cleaning of area
 Citroén Versicherungsdienst    
 Fiat Versicherungsdienst    
 Ford Versicherungsdienst    
 OVD Opel Versicherungsdienst     
 Peugeot Versicherungsdienst    
 VVD Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst    



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