Information Security, Data Protection & Compliance

Corporate Governance includes responsible corporate management guided by sustainable value creation. Specifically, we at Eucon understand it to mean compliance with the statutory provisions and internal company regulations that are relevant for us.

In competition, we focus on performance, customer orientation and the quality of our products and services. We reject acts of corruption and any other kind of illegal behavior, and will not tolerate it.

We expect our managers, employees and business partners to refrain from all forms of corrupt practices whatsoever. Our anti-corruption policy documents our commitment with regard to bribery and corruption.

Naturally, we comply with the statutory provisions of the GDPR and other data protection regulations. In our Privacy Policy, we inform you about data protection in our company.

As a leading provider of data-based systems, IT security and the protection of our customers’ data are our top priorities. Again in 2023, our Information Security Management System (ISMS) was ISO 27001 certified. In this field, we can assure our customers of the highest standards of information security.

The ISMS governs the overall information security of our company as it defines procedures, processes, rules and measures to ensure IT security at Eucon GmbH. On this basis, we can manage, control, ensure, and optimize information security. The core of the management system includes a central risk management process, where threat analyses are set in conjunction with suitable countermeasures. In this way, the ISMS ensures a sustainable limitation of risks. You can download our official ISO 27001 certificate here.