Future technologies, in-depth expertise and innovative thinking lead us to extraordinary results and more innovative strength.

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Thinking ahead – for our customers´ future

Our research and development activities make an essential contribution to the competitiveness of the Eucon Group. The development of our portfolio in line with the market is at the heart of this endeavor. The result: technologically advanced solutions that make business sense and aim to directly benefit the customer. To this end, we forge long-term partnerships with leading enterprises, universities and research institutions.   

In our research & development team, our creative minds follow up on ideas and push them forward in a targeted approach. Our mission is to propose solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow – always in search of innovative technologies and services that optimize our clients’ value creation processes in the long run.

Using the latest technologies: Key to strong growth potential

Through the development, research and use of innovative methods and advanced technologies, we can achieve the latest processes.

Content Understanding

Analysis and interpretation of content of any kind using machines – as a basis for data extraction, classification, structuring, analysis.

Knowledge Discovery & Extraction

Detection and extraction of new, previously unknown relationships in existing data – as the basis for process optimization measures, trend analyses, development of new business models etc.

Fuzzy Matching

Content that seems dissimilar at first glance, is linked using fuzzy logic and made comparable.

Predictive Modelling

Forecasting the course of future developments, including probabilities of occurrence, supports the optimization of existing processes and strategies.

Deep Learning

Information processing with artificial neuronal networks teaches machines how to think. The knowledge generated by the recognition of patterns and contexts helps in analyzing new, unknown data.

Artificial Intelligence

As a generic term for all methods that deal with the task of independently processing problems through machines, artificial intelligence has enormous potential in all areas of data analysis and automation.

Expectations for our work

Your result is our motivation

Our ambition aims to achieve a high level of efficiency for our customers: Time, cost, quality, transparency and flexibility form the factors of optimized processes.

Solutions at the cutting edge

We work continuously on creating novel approaches and equipping them with even more innovative strength. Our innovative capability and knowledge edge define Eucon’s corporate success.

Together we are strong

Passion for innovation and competence

Our team is a diverse mix of specialists from different disciplines – all with years of experience and deep industry expertise. A very successful and productive symbiosis of software, AI, data, technology, process and industry competencies.

Learn from the best

We work with a number of well-known, best-in-class partners from science and industry. With the support of universities, research institutions and technology companies – each the best in their field – we develop and evaluate the latest and newest technologies tailored to our objectives.

With an open ear for the customer

In close cooperation with our customers, we define solutions with the greatest potential for value creation and future perspectives.

Your benefits at a glance

The focus on the needs of our customers is the wellspring of our daily action in the digital transformation of business processes. It’s the details that count:

  • Multilevel innovation and review process: The decision for a specific procedure or for suitable technologies and methods is precipitated by our experienced specialists.
  • Modular solutions offer maximum flexibility and are precisely tailored to the individual requirements and needs of our customers.
  • Combination of industry and technology expertise: We understand the processes and requirements of our customers and ensure their competitiveness and success with sustainable solutions.
  • Using the latest technologies – in every step of the process workflow.


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