AI-based invoice management for efficient document workflow. For greater transparency and reduced costs in commercial property management.

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Digital Invoice Management

tailor-made for you real estate management


Optimize your workflows, reduce costs and gain transparency in the management of your commercial real estate. Our AI-based solution automatically captures your invoice documents and supports you in the underlying handling processes. Achieve significant efficiency gains and improve your cost control to strengthen your competitive position.



We are pleased to announce that our AI-based digital invoice management platform has been named a Best Practice Innovation 2019. Learn more about the award.


SmartInvoice explained

Efficient evaluation and processing of your documents - from invoices, contracts, reminders to meter cards.

Product features

Optimized processes, efficient document processing, and sound evaluation and analysis and monitoring capabilities.
Effective digitization and structuring

Capture and structure all subject data regardless of source and type for efficient processing and analysis.

Data validation for error-free processes

Automatic validation of the captured data for correct allocation to the corresponding processes. Sorting out incorrect or incomplete documents due to missing legal invoice content or incorrect invoice amounts.

Document prioritization and optimized workflow

Prioritization by due date and targeted channel routing enable optimized processes. Result: avoidance of reminder fees, use of cash discount benefits, fast response to complaints, and compliance with service level agreements.

Fast and standardized account assignment for accounting processes

Automatic conversion of service descriptions and invoice items into posting information using AI. Customized chart of accounts for efficient and standardized processes.

Efficient collaboration with our virtual workplace

Fast processing, approval and forwarding of tasks. Role- and rights-specific content, automatic notices, and up-to-date tasks. Accelerate business processes through seamless collaboration.

Monitoring and reporting for comprehensive insights

Clear representation of all processes in your secure data warehouse. Management dashboard for key figures, processing status and evaluations. Early warning systems for fast response and optimized process control.


Your advantages

  • Faster information flow: Increasing the speed of information processing and instant access to relevant data.
  • Accelerated workflows: Optimization of workflows and increase in work speed.
  • Real-time process control: Control and monitor processes in real time for faster and more effective execution.
  • Cost savings: Cost savings through faster invoice capture and approval thanks to automatic notifications.


Efficiency & Transparency
  • Data-based decisions: Data is available in analyzable form and enables informed decisions instead of gut feelings.
  • Utilization of cash discount benefits: Fast invoice entry and approval allows you to make the most of cash discounts.
  • Avoidance of reminder fees: Automatic notices and efficient processing avoid reminder fees and save costs.


  • State-of-the-art technologies in the process workflow: The use of state-of-the-art technologies in every step of the workflow guarantees efficiency and advanced working methods.
  • Error reduction through automation: Automated processes and optimized control mechanisms significantly reduce the error rate.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems: The solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems to ensure a smooth transition and effective collaboration.


over 1m
master data
>20 bn €
invoice volume processed
<4 days
from upload to archive
Time saving over manual process


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