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Data-based value creation in a digital world

Eucon is a trailblazer for data and process intelligence and has a proven track record working for the automotive, insurance and real estate sector. In order to create intelligent automation solutions, we combine unique market data and expert knowledge with modern technologies.

Our technology-enabled solutions are helping clients to optimize their data-driven processes, benefit from efficiency and cost advantages so as to gain a competitive edge and increase customer satisfaction. At our global locations, about 400 employees serve 250 clients operating in 40 countries. The company was founded in 1997 by the brothers Marcel and Maurice Oosenbrugh.

In 2019, the science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar honored Eucon as one of the most innovative companies in Germany. Deutsche Telekom and the business weekly Wirtschaftswoche declared Eucon the winner of the Digital Champions Award. In 2018, the company received the Digital Leader Award and the Digital Lighthouse Insurance.

Our globally leading business unit in the automotive industry is represented by Eucon GmbH and Eucon of North America LLC. Since 2017, we have bundled our expertise and our comprehensive portfolio for the insurance and real estate sector under Eucon Digital GmbH.


We are among the global market leaders offering best-in-class market information as well as data-based systems for efficient product management in the automotive aftermarket. Our clients use our industry solution to boost their competitiveness and performance.

Vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers rely on our comprehensive database and trust our industry expertise to tap new potential for added value throughout the lifecycles of their products. Our fully integrated information systems operate on this strong data basis, thus facilitating the daily work of our customers.

The combination of reliable market data, intelligent systems and industry expertise is what makes Eucon a unique specialist and a sought-after partner.


As a leading digitalization partner for highly automated claims management services we support insurance companies with a modular portfolio in setting up an efficient  and customer centric claims settlement process.

Using intelligent data, advanced technologies and data-based expert knowledge, we achieve measurable success in the end-to-end automation of car and property claims processes.

We generate speed and cost advantages to enhance productivity and efficiency. Employees’ workload is reduced while policyholders are integrated into the settlement processes. The outcome: more customer satisfaction, transparency and accelerated processes when it comes to claims.

REAl Estate

We help customers in real estate management gain transparency in managing commercial property. We analyze business processes and digitalize the entire document and data workflow.

Our innovative solutions are based on the optimization and acceleration of administrative processes in the field of document processing, document check, tasks routing and analysis. In doing so, we reduce process costs and increase our customers’ competitiveness.

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