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Building Digital Reality

With a modular and flexible portfolio, we provide support and ensure success in claims management on a daily basis. With advanced technologies, longstanding industry expertise and leading databases.

Three core competencies build our
modular portfolio

Eucon adaptively combines data, technology and services into innovative solutions that enable insurance companies to successfully shape their digital reality – already today. In doing so, we apply our comprehensive industry expertise gained in all areas of the insurance sector.


Big or smart data, data or business intelligence, predictive or real-time analytics – we are the right partner for your topics. For more than 20 years now, comprehensive and pioneering databases have constituted the core competency of the Eucon Group. We increase the share of automated processes and offer our customers the opportunity to optimize the quality and use of their own data in claims management.


As a longstanding insurance partner in claims management, we know the industry-specific and technical requirements as well as the process-related challenges like no other. Eucon assesses, combines and orchestrates the latest technologies of various partners and enriches these with its database and rule set competence. This combination of best-in-class modules and Eucon’s expertise enables an agile and continual “built to change” completion and optimization of our solutions. In times of exponential technological progress, we make sure that you always work with the latest and best-suited solutions for your tasks.


Our experts use and qualify our technologies and databases on a daily basis. Numerous services complement our portfolio so as to offer entire process chains upon request. Be it in-depth checks carried out by experienced experts or quality assurance of automated data and process handling by our qualified employees: depending on the type of damage, the specific individual case or the necessity to include external partners – we combine these manual services flexibly.

Digital Document Workflow for
insurance companies in a nutshell

Digital claims management in four steps

We have perfected the central steps in process automation in order for insurance companies to gain a competitive edge.

Generate/extract data

We record all data or unstructured documents, such as invoices, contracts, quotes, damage reports, expert opinions etc. and convert these into a single format – complemented by a quality check and manual follow-up, if required. Thanks to mobile solutions for digital damage appraisal, data can be directly recorded in a structured format.

Structure + understand data

Our systems understand even the most complex content according to syntactical and semantic patterns. This allows us to classify all of the documents and information according to individual specifications: for an optimal routing and specialized follow-up processing by the insurance company or service provider.

Enrich/asses data

Data are checked for plausibility and correctness, aligned with diverse rule sets and comprehensive databases, cleaned up and complemented, if necessary – fully automatic or manually checked by our experts.

Provide information

Depending on customer specifications, structured data or newly generated documents can be made available via all interfaces and in all systems to be used for different purposes – including data or business intelligence, predictive or real-time analytics.

Digitalize your claims management

Our mission is to propose solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. A strong team consisting of research, software and product development experts, committed consultants and key account managers as well as specialists and industry insiders is looking forward to your topics and challenges.

Examples of a successful use of our modules:

To us, providing integrated support in claims management means being able to manage all documents on behalf of our customers: regardless of the input channel, document type or damage category. This also means having intelligent document and data management in place that allows for the integration of additional information relevant to the claim upon request – such as insurance policies for an automatic check of coverage in the background.

  • Specialized data extraction – independent of an automatic or manual check for immediate optimization of the data and decision basis.
  • Intelligent and automated claims routing – within a damage class or across the entire inbox.
  • Digital service provider platforms – for swift and targeted interaction among all stakeholders.
  • Web-based analytics systems – a structured and transparent display and intelligent linkage of key figures for claims and the document check.
  • Simple tools – digital and specialized support for the damage appraisal, either through experts or the end customers.  

Popular products for process optimization

Check-it Monitor

Automated and cost-optimized settlement of glass damages. The Check-it Monitor provides you with structured data and diverse reports. Based on professionally compiled and consolidated information, you will receive comprehensive transparency of your claims.

Crash Monitor

The Crash Monitor analyzes the price development of automotive collision parts based on real-time data. Insurers can thus evaluate the main cost driver “parts” and consistently track the price development of parts.

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