the aftermarket data warehouse 

Merge market and study data with product information from your enterprise and gain valuable insight.

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Lots of Data, one secure system

Store and track product and market information systematically. Securely stored in your private data warehouse.

  • Easily merge unique study data and market data and supersessions with own product information and evaluate them in the aggregate
  • Increase your efficiency and quickly access all market studies across the enterprise
  • Stay up to date on recommended prices and developments in the aftermarket for an always up-to-date market overview
  • Perform comparisons at the vehicle level and open up new competitive chances
  • Easily compare your own product range with the market
  • Construct the historical development of the market and reliably evaluate them

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All the benefits of PartsPool® Custom at a glance

  • Systematic storing and tracking of market and product information
  • Private access to relevant information in a database
  • Add value to own data and studies by consistent comparison with current market information
  • Vehicle-specific OE benchmarking and thus optimized positioning of new auto parts on the market
  • Easy adaptation to international markets
  • Location-independent use via web application
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