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AI accelerates document-driven workflows in the management of commercial real estate

True to the motto #BuildingDigitalReality, we discussed innovative solutions for automated and transparent processes for the real estate industry at the EXPO REAL in Munich that our customers can use to successfully shape their digital reality.

AI accelerates document-driven workflows in the management of commercial real estate

Photo: EXPO REAL 2017

The intelligent combination of data, technology and services opens up a new dimension of real estate management with the goal of a comprehensive and completely digitalized property management and control.

The processing of commercial documents is an especially inefficient and error-prone process. With advanced technologies, Eucon automates the document workflow, digitalizes unstructured documents, and transforms manual processes into automated processes.

Whether IT-based workflow control or automated solutions to complement existing systems – our modular portfolio comprises highly specialized state-of-the-art solutions: from mobile apps to simple communication, intelligent data extraction from contracts and invoices, to end-to-end digitalization of real estate management.

We use modern systems to automate rule-based business processes, which automatically classify complex documents and extract relevant data using artificial intelligence (AI). Upon request, we will make this data available in the cloud. Our customers are supported in the intelligent data analysis by the knowledge that is generated from the recognition of patterns and interrelations. Consistently applied, the opportunities of digitalization can be used to simplify and accelerate processes, thereby substantially increasing the competitiveness of real estate operators.

“By automating data-driven business processes, our customers can realize significant savings and considerably simplify the document workflow. The result: lower costs, more transparency, and higher quality due to accelerated processes in the management, analysis, and control of commercial real estate,” explains Bernd Litmeyer, Director Business Unit Real Estate, Eucon Digital GmbH.

Using concrete practical examples, we will show you how to achieve #BuildingDigitalReality. Learn how you can realize significant savings and accelerate processes with our AI-based industry solution for digitalized workflows – for greater transparency and decreased costs in the management of commercial real estate.

Written by Eucon Digital