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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – a Reality at Eucon

Two days at the Minds Mastering Machines [M³] conference once again showed: artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics are the strategic technology trends. Topics that have already become a reality for Eucon and that we incorporate into our solutions on a daily basis. Jörg Niestroj, Director Research & Development, joined the London event.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – a Reality at Eucon

Eucon@Minds Mastering Machines [M³] Conference in London, photo: Eucon Digital GmbH

But what makes the use of AI so crucial? More and more data, ever faster speeds, increasingly complex processes – these are the challenges that we address on a daily basis. We use these new technologies in our productive systems in order to classify documents, recognize patterns in large data volumes, make intelligent decisions and automate data-driven processes – opening up a new dimension in document management for our customers.

A mix of machine-learning technologies such as classification, regression and deep learning, as well as developer frameworks for machine learning (ML) was presented in London. The topic of integration was also discussed, though – for example, there was a presentation on how a text classification of incoming messages of insurance customers is carried out and can be agilely introduced up to the production stage.

In his exciting pacesetting keynote, Mark Bishop, professor in cognitive computing at the Goldsmiths University of London, also stressed limitations of today’s AI and ML technologies. “At the end of the day, however, the positive effects will clearly outweigh,” says Bishop.

In other presentations, concrete application cases were shown on how to use AI components in practice: from automatic sorting of customer inquiries for a large retailer to image segmentation for autonomous vehicles.

The experience reports were rounded off with an in-depth perspective of the new technologies and frameworks: semantic segmentation, high dimensional big data problems and their solutions. Furthermore, current ML frameworks were presented and compared: CNTK from Microsoft, which works similarly to Google TensorFlow or the deep-learning framework Caffe from Berkeley, the Azure Cloud ML Studio from Microsoft, and Apache NIFI.

To us it is clear, though: Only those market players will be able to realize the full potential that embrace the next stage of future technology and systematically integrate it into their business. AI is not an end in itself, but a tool whose use presupposes a company-specific strategy. Companies need to define what characterizes their AI solutions, and what the benefits of using them are. Only once a clear AI strategy has been defined can a decision be reached on how to profitably deploy AI and ML.

We are more than up-to-date when it comes to shaping a smart future and digital reality for our customers that is far from being an utopian vision. Talk to us, we'll be happy to advise you.

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Written by Eucon Digital