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Digital pioneer Eucon is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The Eucon Group, an internationally renowned partner in data and process intelligence for the automotive, insurance and real estate industries, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. There is every reason to celebrate and Eucon is making the most of it: with a dedicated campaign logo, website, highlights at customer events and celebrations for employees. The fact that Eucon has developed from a start-up into a diversified and internationally established digitalization partner that supports and drives forward the transformation projects of its customers is especially highlighted here.

Digital pioneer Eucon is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The management team of the Eucon Group with Osvaldo Celani, Managing Director Automotive, CEO Sven Krüger, CFO Katharina Grasser and Dr. Wolff Graulich, Managing Director Insurance, looks back with pride on 25 years of success and into a promising future (f.l.).

“When our visionary founders started building a database for car spare parts in 1997, even they could not have imagined what Eucon has become today,” says Sven Krüger, CEO of the Eucon Group. It all started off with a vision: 25 years ago, the brothers Marcel R. and Maurice M. Oosenbrugh realized that the market for automotive spare parts was completely fragmented. And their vision was both simple and clear: “There has to be a better way.”

The recipe for success: a spirit of innovation

Just four years later, the first electronic auto parts catalog was being used by over 12,500 workshops across Germany, and the vision had turned into Eucon. And the rest? A systematic continuation of the guiding principle. After all, the idea that “there has to be a better way” applied not just for the automotive aftermarket, and Eucon began to also digitalize processes for the insurance and real estate industries that had previously been manual.

Digital trailblazer for global customers

Eucon has succeeded in evolving its business model: The expert for process digitalization and data-driven decision-making is now active in 80 countries with offices from Atlanta to Berlin and Shanghai, over 450 employees and more than 250 customers.

The 25th anniversary is an occasion to revisit the success story and share the celebration with all those who have come along the journey with us:

  • A catchy anniversary logo graphically summarizes what Eucon stands for
  • The landing page https://celebrating.eucon.com/en/, specially designed for the occasion, tells the company story in words and sketches
  • The anniversary will be celebrated at customer events such as the Automotive Aftermarket Symposium and the Claims Congress in Leipzig.
  • Eucon is planning a special celebration with all employees at the end of the jubilee year

All of this is guided by the anniversary motto: ‘Celebrating 25 Years of Teamwork’. Derived from the brand claim ‘Driven by data. Guided by experts’, the campaign logo consisting of a digital two and a high-five hand symbolizes Eucon’s partnership approach and the interaction between humans and technology.

“The relationship between man and machine will determine our future,” says Dr. Wolff Graulich, Managing Director Insurance. “For us, success clearly results from teamwork. For a company, successful digital transformation always means the perfect interaction of both.”

“The ability to look back on such a success story – from a start-up to a diversified and internationally established digitalization partner – gives us every reason to celebrate accordingly,” comments Osvaldo Celani, Managing Director Automotive, on the planned program. “We also want to use this occasion to express our appreciation to our employees for their high level of dedication and willingness to embrace change.”

“Over the past 25 years, Eucon has established an outstanding culture of success with a sound and financially strong position. We have developed key business areas with great forward-looking potential and have thus set the course for a successful future,” says Katharina Grasser, CFO.

“From a position of strength, Eucon is looking ahead to an extremely promising future. With our capacity to evolve, innovative strength and the support of our strong ecosystem, we aim to open up further industries and markets at an international level and enable our customers to make the right decisions in highly to fully automated processes using data and process intelligence,” says Sven Krüger in summary of Eucon’s ambition.

Anniversary logo: ‘Celebrating 25 Years of Teamwork’

Anniversary logo: ‘Celebrating 25 Years of Teamwork’

Written by Eucon Group