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Digitally prepared and united against COVID-19

Covid-19 has a firm grip on Germany with huge implications for us and our economy. How to prevail in the fight against the coronavirus through digitalization and employee empowerment: We provide insights...

Digitally prepared and united against COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is posing major challenges to many businesses, often leaving them stuck between a rock and a hard place: Companies need to do everything they can to protect their employees in the struggle to contain the spread of the coronavirus. At the same time, however, they need to be able to continue productive work in order to survive the crisis economically. At Eucon, the safety and health of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority. That’s why we stay at home and the majority of employees are now working from home. But how can this be done while maintaining productivity and quality?

As a strong and reliable digitalization partner for our customers, we too are fully digitally equipped and prepared – and not just since the coronavirus pandemic. The ability to enable state-of-the-art forms of (collaborative) work is part and parcel of our corporate philosophy. As a result, we are also well-positioned in terms of remote work and can continue to work productively and reliably. In times of crisis, we have flexibly expanded our capacity to work from home, and have successfully completed a number of stress tests. We continue to be there for our customers – now by telephone, e-mail, via video conferencing and the like. Processes have been adapted, scenarios designed and our systems and the management are ready to apply them.

Yet in spite of all these measures, one thing should not be forgotten: Empowering, supporting and uniting our workforce! For the employees and team productivity, it is crucial that teams continue to stay in touch, exchange information and support each other. We weren’t all used to working from home – and certainly not on a permanent basis. One of the ways we support our employees is through the digital employee magazine “GenauSO...gut im Homeoffice” (JustAsWell…Working from home). True to the motto we make the best of it for us, our company and above all our customers! Every week, colleagues are provided with tips and tricks for their work from home. Each time with a special focus, such as working from home with kids or fitness and health. We would be happy to send you our motivating e-paper (in German) free of charge. Interested? Then feel free to send us a brief note using the contact form.

Written by Eucon Digital and posted under Corporate