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Eucon Rocks 2017 record-breaking

Our fantastic summer party was not only a great opportunity to party together but also a memorable jubilee celebration.

Eucon Rocks 2017 record-breaking

Both founders were present and served a sparkling cake to our colleagues who celebrated their 10-year anniversary – and to the rest of the team. For more than 20 years now, Maurice and Marcel Oosenbrugh have been writing true success stories with the Eucon Group. They have shaped industries by introducing leading databases, advanced technologies and longstanding industry expertise into established companies. Thanks to the record growth in 2017, participation was greater than ever before.

We would like to thank our customers and employees for their loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm invested into creating something great together. May we have many more to come.

Maurice and Marcel Oosenbrugh, founders of the Eucon Group

Memorable jubilee celebration – 10th anniversary and 20 years of Eucon

Sven Krüger, CEO of the Eucon Group pays tribute to employees celebrating their 10-years jubilee

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