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Eucon and Solera | Audatex establish long-term strategic partnership in the field of automobile claims processing

Eucon, the digital pioneer in data and process intelligence, and Solera | Audatex, the world’s leading provider of data, applications and services for the insurance and automotive industries, are collaborating in the area of automobile claims processing. As a first step, Eucon will integrate the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven photo calculation of its partner Solera | Audatex into its digital end-to-end claims management solution kit. The benefit: By using automation at an early stage within the context of intelligent claims calculation, insurers can significantly accelerate claims management processes even further and settle claims faster, more cost-effectively and more accurately on behalf of their insurance customers.

Eucon and Solera | Audatex establish long-term strategic partnership in the field of automobile claims processing

As part of their strategic partnership, Eucon and Solera | Audatex are combining their solutions with a view to successively mapping a digital and largely automated claims reporting process (FNOL). To this end, Eucon will first integrate Solera’s AI-driven Qapter™ photo calculation into the existing Claims Assistant solution for digital claims reporting and connect the first insurance customers by the third quarter of 2022 at the latest.

Qapter™ can identify and calculate the type and severity of damage based on images and provide more than just a simple cost estimate: Qapter™ delivers Audatex’s well-proven, accurate and complete repair cost calculation. The digital process comes with the benefit of instant data transfer to all relevant systems.

In the future, additional AI applications from Eucon will already become active at an early stage of this FNOL process in order to carry out the next steps immediately, such as checking for fraudulent claims, liability, or coverage. The question of whether a repair can be carried out or if a replacement is necessary can also be clarified as part of the so-called “triage”. Based on this concept, the next steps are prioritized, and follow-up processes are triggered automatically. As a result, the claims processing workflows can be significantly simplified and accelerated for all parties involved in the process – to the benefit of vehicle owners, insurers, workshops and assessors.

AI-driven models are currently revolutionizing the insurance industry thanks to self-learning machine learning algorithms. In claims management, they are already delivering more efficient claims handling and accelerated processes. Solera’s long-standing expertise now ensures AI-based recognition of photographed damage and its correct interpretation in the Eucon product world. For insurers, this intelligent claims reporting process offers a huge opportunity to demonstrate their own performance and service quality, which is crucial for customer loyalty. Both partners are convinced that they will sustainably improve the customer experience with the new solution.

About Solera

Solera is a leading global provider of data and software solutions for risk and asset management, delivering the highest standards of privacy, security and integrity to companies in the automotive and insurance industries, thereby supporting connectivity across the vehicle value chain. With its solutions, Solera brings customers, insurers and manufacturers together to enable smarter decisions through service, software, enriched data, proprietary algorithms and machine learning. The interaction of these factors provides valuable insights and ensures that the vehicles and property of customers are optimally maintained and professionally repaired. The company operates in over 90 countries on six continents and processes more than 300 million digital transactions annually for over 235,000 customers and partners. With its market-leading solution expertise and business process best practices from its technologies around the world, Solera combines unmatched reach and strength with superior performance and an innovative spirit that is driving the industry forward. Learn more at: www.audatex.de

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