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Eucon as a digital pioneer – from a start-up to an international digitalization partner

Always one step ahead and keeping an eye on innovative technologies – that was the guiding principle of the Oosenbrugh founding team 25 years ago. This gave rise to the initial idea for Eucon, a digital pioneer of data and process intelligence. At the time, the two brothers’ project involved creating the first electronic auto parts database. Four years later, the catalog was already in use in 12,500 workshops across Germany: a pioneering achievement for data-driven automation.

Eucon as a digital pioneer – from a start-up to an international digitalization partner

Data-driven process optimization

Following its success in the automotive industry, Eucon extended its focus to the insurance and real estate sectors thanks to its visionary founders, who were convinced that their product would be of interest to other industries. Eucon started to diversify, concentrating on modern technologies such as human-machine collaboration in augmented intelligence and AI solutions, as well as robotic process automation. Over the course of 25 years, the “start-up” has developed into a trailblazer and innovation leader for the automotive, insurance and real estate industries. The expert for process digitalization and data-based decision-making is now active in 80 countries with offices from Atlanta to Berlin and Shanghai, over 450 employees and more than 250 customers.

A mission that is still relevant today

Eucon has grown into a digital pioneer – an enabler and a provider of solutions. Making processes easier, more transparent and faster was the idea 25 years ago – and still is today. As a digitalization partner in 2022, the Eucon Group continues to support companies from the key industries seeking to digitalize their processes, make valuable use of data treasures, and implement digital business models. The Automotive aftermarket benefits from best-in-class market information and data-based systems for effective product management. Vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers use Eucon’s class-leading solutions, built with billions of market data and expert knowledge, to define and implement their market and competitive strategies in aftersales.

Eucon uses intelligent solutions to analyze, automate, and accelerate the entire claims process for Insurance companies: from claims reporting to AI-supported control and checking with optimized black box processing to case-by-case final negotiation. This also benefits insurance clients. For Real Estate companies, Eucon delivers a substantial process acceleration thanks to a platform for data-driven property management, thus creating added value by taking a step towards the digital twin of a building, especially in view of ESG aspects.

Driven by Data. Guided by Experts.

“Eucon stands for a spirit of innovation and teamwork – a concept that has worked for 25 years,” says Sven Krüger. The overall concept is based on the Eucon claim ‘Driven by Data. Guided by Experts’. Long-term success is not possible without value-oriented corporate management. For Eucon, this includes not only responsible relationships with stakeholders, but also recognizing, utilizing, and promoting the talents of its employees. “We value personality and passion just as much as expert skills,” Krüger adds.

From a position of strength, the Eucon Group is looking ahead to an extremely promising future. With its capacity to evolve, innovative strength and the support of a strong ecosystem, the company aims to open up further industries and markets at an international level and enable its customers to make the right decisions in highly to fully automated processes using data and process intelligence.

Written by Eucon Group