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Press release: Eucon introduces new business area in the field of personal injury claims

Eucon has been a digital pioneer in data and process intelligence for 25 years and is now expanding its portfolio in the insurance sector. The company has started to work with market participants to develop digital solutions for the personal injury management of insurance companies. By early 2023, the first solution for fast and data-driven process optimization will be launched on the market and extendable to other lines of business.

Press release: Eucon introduces new business area in the field of personal injury claims

(Source: Eucon)

The new business area will initially focus on the development of solutions for personal injury claims. Eucon is relying here on its core expertise in data-driven process automation and the wealth of experience and technology in the targeted industries. In addition to its in-house experts for data, IT and insurance processes, Eucon has already taken partners on board with expertise in the medical and legal fields and is exchanging views with a first few insurance companies. In addition, Eucon plans to work closely with other customers and ecosystem partners, e.g., through innovation workshops or participation in working groups. Product and feature development will also be accelerated through market research and expert interviews: “We do not intend to tackle this on our own, but are involving relevant stakeholders at an early stage,” says Michael Rodenberg, director of the business unit.

When it comes to the digitalization of their business processes, insurers have long focused on lines of business with a high number of cases, such as typical car body damage in comprehensive and third-party liability insurance. Eucon now aims to shift the focus to other areas that can be improved in terms of future viability and user experience through process digitalization and the associated transparency in workflows. ”The IT systems of most liability insurers are currently not aligned to the complex processing of personal injury claims. This area, which can only be standardized to a limited extent, has mostly been left out of digitalization projects. This is where an external service provider can lend support, and the lessons learned from the digitalization of motor vehicle claims are of great help. This also applies to other lines of business and beyond claims processing,” explains industry expert Herbert Lang.

“Requests for digitalization solutions for the claims management of insurers have increased even for subject areas that were not previously included in Eucon’s portfolio. The fact that we are launching into a motor vehicle-related and thus an insurance area where we have gained experience over the past 20 years helps enormously. The new solutions will initially be applied to processes for personal injury in motor vehicle liability cases, also in order to leverage synergies with the rest of the Eucon portfolio in the long term,” explains Sven Krüger, CEO of the Eucon Group. Eucon also intends to leverage these synergies for its customers by using a generic and data-driven approach to scale the digitalization of solutions for various processes and areas. The interaction of man and machine is also used in a synergetic way in the form of a learning system, which leads to better decision-making at all levels based on data.

Developing collaborative new solutions with the market is reflective of Eucon’s anniversary motto “25 Years of Teamwork”. Insurers and market participants are already cordially invited to exchange ideas and participate in development: “We are looking forward to the discussions at the Claims Management and Assistance trade fair congress on September 20/21, the industry meeting in Leipzig,” says Michael Rodenberg. “We would like to use this as an opportunity to provide initial insights and discuss needs in personal injury. We have many ideas and first solutions on how to ‘rethink’ personal injury management. Discussing these now and co-creating them will be an exciting journey – for Eucon and the market," adds Michael Rodenberg.

Written by Eucon Group and posted under Insurance