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Eucon donates 10,000 face masks to Malteser relief organization

Digitalization expert Eucon Group donated 10,000 face masks that conform to DIN EN 14683 to volunteers and employees of the Malteser relief organization in Münster. The masks were manufactured by the automotive supplier Hengst Filtration. The specialist for filtration solutions currently produces around 100,000 protective masks a day at its production facility in Münster.

Eucon donates 10,000 face masks to Malteser relief organization

(from right) Franziska Heeg (Deputy Diocesan Director) and Dr. Gabrielle von Schierstaedt (Diocesan Director) thanked Sven Krüger (CEO) and Barbara Greissinger (Head of Corporate Communications), who coordinates the social engagement of the Eucon Group, for the donation of 10,000 face masks for the Malteser relief organization in Münster. Photo: Eucon

The unconventional handover took place at the diocesan office in Münster. Dr. Gabrielle von Schierstaedt, Malteser’s Diocesan Director in the diocese of Münster, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the donation, which had come “just in time”. For Sven Krüger, it is particularly important that companies fulfill their social responsibility, especially in times like these: “With our donation, we wish to make a contribution to support the social and healthcare system in the fight against COVID-19, and to thank all those involved for their tireless efforts. At the same time, it is close to our hearts to acknowledge the innovative strength of the automotive industry. We came up with the concrete idea when we learned that the filtration specialist Hengst from Münster is now also producing respiratory protection”.

In order to protect the population and to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers as well as employees of Malteser are currently working non-stop. They are assisting in testing people for COVID-19 and are setting up fever clinics and makeshift hospitals, such as in Laer in the Steinfurt district. “The face masks donated by Eucon help us to ensure that our work and services are carried out in compliance with the strict protection requirements,” said Franziska Heeg and Kai Flottmann, who run the Malteser’s crisis management team in the diocese of Münster. “Every week, we need about 300 masks to reduce the risk of transmission,” explained Kai Flottmann. “Especially now, as we are also resuming our transport and school escort service, every mask is needed”, added Franziska Heeg.

Numerous Malteser volunteers and employees are trained to help people in need safely and reliably, even under strict protection conditions. “We have created several new relief offers during the COVID-19 crisis: With grocery shopping and telephone ’visiting‘ services, we support risk groups and people in quarantine in particular. Relatives of dementia patients receive advice and help over the telephone and much more”, said Gabrielle von Schierstaedt, first contact person for all Malteser volunteers in Münster. They are currently joining forces with the full-time Malteser employees to meet the high demand for medical and paramedical staff.

The Eucon Group has been actively engaged in various social projects for years, for example through the Mind & Move Network foundation.

Written by Eucon Group