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Eucon expands product portfolio to include sustainability management solution for real estate

Münster, October 4, 2022 – The Real Estate unit of Eucon Group, a digital service provider for the real estate, automotive and insurance industries, is introducing the new SmartSustain solution. The tool allows the automated collection and analysis of consumption data for individual properties and entire portfolios. This helps real estate companies on their first steps towards more sustainable management.

Eucon expands product portfolio to include sustainability management solution for real estate

Thanks to the SmartSustain solution, the consumption data of properties can be easily compared. Photo: Eucon

The tool transparently displays data relating to energy and water consumption as well as wastewater disposal and processes it to make consumption visible at the property level. SmartSustain automatically extracts the data from existing consumption and disposal invoices, eliminating additional work for the asset managers, portfolio managers or facility managers involved.

The SmartSustain software solution supports real estate companies in their move towards professional sustainability management. In this context, it is irrelevant whether the individual properties are apartment buildings, office buildings or shopping centers. The data basis for the individual properties is created together with the service providers on the basis of existing invoices and made available to the owners.

The tool allows the extracted data to be easily checked for completeness and consistency, allowing missing and erroneous data to be manually adjusted afterwards. As a result, every real estate owner is able to identify immediate CO2 reduction potential and implement it.

“Real estate companies can use the tool to digitally map their entire portfolio: The consumption data of the individual properties is recorded and analyzed in detail, allowing each of them to be mapped digitally afterwards and compared with other properties in the portfolio,” explains Philipp Schäfer, Managing Director Real Estate at Eucon. It is also possible to analyze the portfolio’s consumption data over a longer period of time. This makes the effects of modernization work visible, for example.

“SmartSustain is a SaaS solution that users can work with directly and without lengthy installation. It was particularly important for us to work closely with the market during development in order to directly incorporate the industry’s pain points and create an intuitive user experience,” says Schäfer. At present, one pilot customer is already using SmartSustain to its full extent. Other pilot customers are currently testing the solution on a portion of their invoices.

SmartSustain is designed for real estate companies that seek to specifically compare properties that share common characteristics. The consumption data of the individual properties are clearly displayed next to each other using a graphical representation. This makes it easy to identify if the consumption of one property is significantly higher compared to the others. Since the available data are based on current invoices, possible reasons for the increased consumption can be quickly determined. Owners can use this information as a basis for making decisions that specifically address this issue. In the long run, they will not only be able to reduce the carbon footprint, but in many cases also the ongoing operating costs.

With SmartSustain, Eucon Digital complements its SmartInvoice solution, which has already been established on the market for some time and enables 360-degree cost transparency. However, the tool is also suitable to be used on its own. Following the official launch of SmartSustain at Expo Real, it is now available to the entire real estate industry.

Written by Eucon Group