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Eucon new expert partner of European Pricing Platform

On the 1st January, 2013, Eucon became expert partner of the European Pricing Platform (EPP). EPP with its headquarters in Brussels was initiated in 2004 and has since developed to become a leading European knowledge base for optimizing prices and profits for decision-makers, pricing managers and company directors. The aim of the platform is to develop and share pricing expertise and best practice scenarios. The EPP provides support for professional training for persons and companies involved in the optimization of prices and profits.

Eucon new expert partner of European Pricing Platform

The ever higher competitive pressure in the field of automotive aftersales, the number of variations and complexity of products has led to a growing demand for pricing expertise. Eucon is a leading lifecycle manager and pricing specialist for automotive replacement parts. The company has its own pricing management tool and comprehensive expert knowledge on how car and parts manufacturers can achieve a competitive advantage with product management and pricing.

The Eucon Pricing Manager (EPM) is the first strategy-based price optimization solution designed specifically for the field of automotive aftersales. This highly specialized pricing management tool enables the systematic development of price strategies and the optimization of sensitive pricing processes in the lifecycle of a replacement part.

EPM combines reliable and accurate data from our PartsPool® product information system with rule sets for professional pricing management and business intelligence gained from market analysis. With more than 60 million data sets, PartsPool® is a unique and industry leading source for comprehensive product and price information.

EPM enables car and parts manufacturers to permanently optimize prices throughout the parts\' lifecycle. Clients are able to systematically develop pricing strategies and optimize pricing processes by automatically pricing the majority of their replacement parts. Further information on www.pricingplatform.eu

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