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Eucon has hired over 20 new employees since lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to greater acceptance of digital channels. This can also be seen at the Münster-based Eucon Group, which is benefiting from a significant increase in demand for digital solutions in year-on-year comparison. The specialist for data and digitalized processes expects the current surge in digitalization to be a sustainable development, and has hired 21 new employees since the lockdown.

Eucon has hired over 20 new employees since lockdown

Just a few months ago, it was hardly imaginable that a pandemic would trigger a digitalization boom in Germany that would not have occurred at this pace under normal conditions. COVID-19 is forcing consumers to use digital channels for everyday transactions and employees to work from home. Customers of all ages are becoming accustomed to this and are carrying out their activities digitally, remotely and contactlessly more and more.

“This trend is also reflected in the insurance and real estate sectors, which are increasingly requesting digital solutions from us,” says Dr. Volker Meise. “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have realized how great the need for digital action is – not only in the short term, but also in the long run”. Since May 2020, Volker Meise, who holds a doctorate in economics, has been Director of Portfolio Management & New Products at Eucon Digital GmbH, where he is responsible for innovation management and manages the development of new digital products and business models in this capacity.

„As a trailblazer for digital change, we have been intensely supporting our customers in digitalizing their data-driven processes and implementing digital business models for years both in Germany and around the globe,” says Sven Krüger, CEO of the Eucon Group. “For us, the current digitalization push is a great opportunity. Under the pressure of the COVID-19 crisis, companies have no choice but to shift business units and corporate processes to the digital track as quickly as possible. And the speed and sustainability at which digitalization projects are now being tackled proves us right. We have continued to invest in minds and technology and have also expanded the Eucon team.”

Over the course of the pandemic, companies from almost all industries have massively revised and developed digital solutions to interact with customers and employees. For one thing, because many of them were only able to remain productive in the first place through digital means. For another, because consumer expectations have risen as regards speed of response, user-friendliness and customization of services. In the current situation, they are demanding what they were previously used to from digital pioneers such as Amazon – integrated digital processes and customer experiences tailored to their needs – in all areas of life.

Written by Eucon Group