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PartsPool®: Online for ten years and always up to date

It was a decisive step in the history of PartsPool®. The leading information system for comprehensive international product and price information in automotive aftersales switched to online access in 2005. For users, this held an invaluable advantage: permanent access to historic and current parts information.

PartsPool®: Online for ten years and always up to date

While a CD-ROM containing the current database was previously sent by mail once every quarter, since the introduction of the online web-based version, the most updated state of data has been available to users with every login. The potential that this opens up to the leaders in automotive aftersales is remarkable.

PartsPool® observes millions of vehicle parts from launch to product elimination. In the last 12 months alone, over a billion price data have been entered into the system. As of today, more than 6.2 billion current and historic data have been recorded - around 80-90 million price data are processed per month. However, the large quantity of data sets has led to new challenges: now the task is to efficiently process and review the ever faster-growing volumes of data while consistently meeting the high quality standards of Eucon. In comparison: The first online version was launched ten years ago with nearly 500,000 price data. Per month, an average of 20-30 million pieces of price information from 100 different data sources were processed.

But the evolution of PartsPool® is evidenced not only by the quantity of data; the system has grown in terms of market coverage and functional diversity as well. What was once three countries for which automotive aftermarket information was available has now become 21. PartsPool® thus covers nearly all the major regions. Completely new distribution channels have been added to the repertoire as well: By using the "Online Prices" module, users can query daily parts prices of important online shops.

Features such as push services for part number supersessions, the determination of supersession chains or IAM admissions have only become possible with the web-based version of PartsPool®: Based on their preferences, users can display information about changes to the database in real time. In the optimized display for mobile devices, all price data are available on a mobile basis at any location. This informs users of current prices within seconds, giving them the ability to carry out price research wherever they are and to incorporate the results directly in ongoing price negotiations.

Eucon PartsAnalytics provides an analysis layer based on PartsPool® data. This will merge all relevant price and product-related information into one interface and consolidate it to allow focused conclusions. PartsAnalytics supports product management and pricing by predefined displays and analyses, and indicates the need for action in the form of alerts. This new solution thereby enables companies to access data virtually in real time and to derive findings from them whenever needed. In this way, decisive competitive advantages can be generated and profit targets can be reached using a wide range of information.

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Written by Eucon GmbH