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PartsPool continues to expand: 20 countries now available

Volkswagen has just received the results of the „2010 Carlisle Parts Manager Satisfaction Survey. In the category of "Pricing Policies", Volkswagen has moved to the #1 position in the industry.

PartsPool continues to expand: 20 countries now available

08.06.2011: Eucon considerably expanded the amount of data for PartsPool.

As a specialist for value-based information systems we deliver with PartsPool current international articles and price information for automotive parts on a permanent basis. This information is an important basis for successful price rounds, individual price calculations, and product launches, and helps give manufacturers the edge over the competition when it comes to price and speed.

In the end, the scope and reliability of the data determine the quality of the systems. "With the countries that have recently joined - the USA, Slovakia, and Turkey and the completed data for Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, we are now that much closer to our goal of providing comprehensive and permanently complete data," says Norbert Dohmen.

PartsPool 3: 20 countries available

Since April 1, the USA has been available for the first time with European automotive manufacturers. The next step for the USA involves incorporating the Asian and finally local automotive manufacturers. In addition, Slovenia was added on May 1 and today covers 19 manufacturers. Turkey was also added with 20 automotive manufacturers, which corresponds roughly to 90% of the Turkish automotive market.

Furthermore, data was completed for the markets in the Czech Republic to include 33 automotive manufacturers, Hungary to include 20 manufacturers, and Slovakia to include 32 manufacturers. Up until now there were only a few automotive manufacturers available. What is more, PartsPool offers the possibility of showing the data in each currency using the currency function.

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