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The Eucon approach – How data and expertise lead to an advance in performance

Eucon gathers, analyses and processes market data and turns it into valuable insight for manufacturers to achieve a competitive edge and increase performance.

We provide market-leading solutions and consulting services to improve performance in the automotive aftersales market, giving manufacturers a more competitive position.

Pursuing our comprehensive approach "Inform - Discover - Perform" we drive innovation in automotive aftersales and support our clients in systematically analysing market and parts information to generate direct economic benefit.

Our approach follows three well matched performance levels: (1) the supply and processing of key information (Inform), (2) the analysis of changes in the market and competition as well as the discovery of priorities for action (Discover), and (3) the improvement of decision-making and business performance (Perform).

The Eucon approach – How data and expertise lead to an advance in performance

We help you to:

Inform: Increase transparency of the global aftermarket through up-to-date market and pricing information to ensure more effective parts management.

Discover: Analyse changes in the market and competition. Identify potentials and threats while indicating priorities for action.

Perform: Develop viable strategies systematically and automate business processes to accelerate improvements in business performance.

Use Case:

A manufacturer is planning to optimize (sales) volume planning in product management. Eucon will create the necessary market studies, calculate potentials for the portfolio and set up an efficient portfolio management process.

The manufacturer will benefit from the transparency regarding the actual parts demand leading to projectable parts volume figures. Besides, Eucon enables the manufacturer to analyse its market shares and to initiate effective optimisation programmes.

Billions of product reference data and market information as well as comprehensive industry expertise in product management and pricing, help manufacturers improve competitiveness and increase performance throughout the lifecycles of their automotive parts.

To learn more about our unique combination of industry expertise, competence when it comes to procuring reliable market data and leading market intelligence solutions contact us personally at Tel. +49 251 14496-142.

Written by Eucon GmbH