Automate invoice processes in real estate management 

Digital invoice management for an efficient document workflow. For more transparency and reduced costs in commercial property management.

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Digital Invoice Management

The processing of invoices is generally a rather inefficient and error-prone process. We digitalize your invoice management and transform unstructured, manual processes into automated processing routines that reduce time and costs and create transparency.

The AI-based platform for digital invoice management was awarded Best Practice Innovation 2019. More about SmartInvoice >

SmartInvoice – Digital document workflow for commercial property 

We support you with these opportunities

  • Optimization and acceleration of administrative workflows in the field of document processing and review, task routing and analysis
  • IT-supported workflow control, seamlessly connected to existing system infrastructures
  • Role-specific virtual workplaces for operative and monitoring tasks
Document Processing
  • Extraction and structuring of relevant information from a variety of sources and formats
  • Check of document content for accuracy and completeness
  • Link to other data and systems
Assessment, Analysis & Monitoring
  • Creation of structured data as the basis for detailed analyses and real estate due diligence
  • Analysis and identification of case history patterns and forecasting
  • Early warning systems and real-time process controlling
over 1m
master data
>20 bn €
invoice volume processed
<4 days
from upload to archive

We enable efficient assessment and processing of the most diverse types of documents, including:

Meter cards

Digitalization and structuring

We capture all data regardless of their input channel and document type and bring them into a structured, digital format. The data extraction thus provides for a comprehensive overview, enabling efficient processing and evaluation of all relevant information.

Data validation

The gathered data are automatically validated so that all values can be flawlessly linked to the right processes. Incorrect or incomplete documents with missing compulsory invoice content or incorrect invoice amounts are automatically sorted out.

Data enhancement

The existing dataset is enriched with further data gathered from internal or external sources such as e-mail traffic, ERP systems or contracts. This enables in-depth insights and optimized processing.

Prioritization & Forwarding

We prioritize all documents according to their due date and forward them to the person in charge. The timely processing of presorted documents avoids dunning charges, takes advantage of cash discount benefits, and enables a swift response to complaints, etc.

Processing and proxy rules create an ordered workflow, which guarantees optimized processes and strict compliance with all service level agreements. Complex procedures are thus turned into lean background processes.

Account assignment

Through the use of semantic text analysis and self-learning AI systems, service descriptions and invoice items are automatically turned into accounting information. This transformation is based on an account plan that is customized for each enterprise, yet falls back on standard learning sets. This leads to a standardization of accounting processes and significant acceleration.

Staff workplace

Hand in hand: The web-based staff workplace prepares all processes such that your experts need just a few clicks to check, release, reject or forward them. Content relating to specific roles or fields of law are linked to automatically generated information, current tasks, specific user interfaces and evaluation options. This leads to accelerated business processes and a more efficient completion.


All of the processes are neatly deployed in your personal and safe data warehouse. With the management dashboard, you will be able to keep an eye on key figures. You can also retrieve the processing state and easily carry out historical or up-to-the-second evaluations. Early warning systems immediately detect fields with an urgent need for action and ensure an optimal process control.

Your benefits

SPEED – Gain time
  • Reduce overall processing time per case/document
  • Increase information speed
  • Accelerate work processes
  • Control processes in real-time
EFFICIENCY – Improve margin
  • Reduce and/or avoid direct and indirect process costs
  • Avoid dunning charges and take advantage of cash discount benefits
  • Reduce effort through optimized processes
  • Avoid consequential charges with the use of early warning systems
TRANSPARENCY – Always up to date
  • Decentralized access to structured information – in real-time or historical
  • Views, tasks and routing options specific to roles or fields of law
  • Flexible evaluation and monitoring functions
  • Detailed commercial management data as a basis for real estate valuation
QUALITY – Apply highest standards
  • Use advanced technologies in each step of the process workflow
  • Reduce the error rate due to automated processes and optimized control mechanisms
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Highest degree of flexibility given the modular design

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