Increase the efficiency of your claims processes

Use digitized settlement processes to lower claims and process costs for building claims.

We offer the efficient settlement of claims, among other things in these areas

Based on our deep expertise and comprehensive market data, our settlement of property claims is automated, cost-effective and efficient, thereby realizing important savings potential. In this way, not only can additional value-creating potential be harnessed, but profitability and competitiveness are also optimized.

Water pipe damage

Review by all trades after waterpipe damage, such as leak detection, heating and plumbing installations, tile and floor laying work, paintwork and drying.

Storm and hail damage

Examination of roof coverings and seals, small-format roofing along with skylights and light domes as well as blinds and awnings.

Glass damage to buildings and furnishings

Examination of building and furnishing glazing of all kinds – such as window and door glazing, shower enclosures or ceramic hobs.

Fire damage

Examination of damage caused by fire to building components that require for example painting, carpentry or cleaning services.

Automotive collision damage

Examination of damage caused by a motor vehicle to a building, building component, fence, grounds, greenery/shrubs, transportation facilities or transported electronic devices.

Burglary damage

Examination of damage caused to permanently installed fixtures by break-ins – such as window frames, door frames (plastic/wood) or locking systems.

Review & Documentation

Create data-supported transparency and deliver results efficiently.


Analog, digital or in person: No matter the channel through which you receive claim-relevant information, we gather all of the data and convert it into a structured format: Intelligent methods for automatic detection and interpretation of document content and powerful data acquisition workplaces ensure a reliable data base that allows for efficient review and settlement. We collect all of the data from your records and provide it to you for further processing.


Field-proven rules and comprehensive databases and specifications ensure an automated and qualified review of all documents according to insurance-specific parameters.


At first glance, our experts identify the details that will determine the outcome. Experience, thoroughness and high analytical skills make it possible to assess claims documents for plausibility, causality and correct calculation principles.


So that we can best assist you in the realization of the review results, you will receive the results of our review service in the form of meaningful result reports. Our documentation is accompanied by clear recommendations for action.


If necessary, we have certified experts prepare opinions after an exact damage assessment and inspection of the damage on-site.


Save settlement costs through skillful negotiations.


Good review results can be further improved by skilled negotiation. Our experts can professionally renegotiate on par with craftsmen. We provide a final assessment of the case, so that the claim can be directly settled.


A prompt settlement ensures that claims are quickly closed and improves customer satisfaction.


High-quality check results support claims agents in efficient settlement. In this way, processing time per claim and thus process costs can be kept low.

Monitoring & Reporting

Track processes and keep the overview.


Meaningful indicators allow a continuous analysis of claims expenditures and the efficient management of processes.

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