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Take part in our training and optimize your product and price management through efficient use of PartsPool®.

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For your support and rapid familiarization with the new interface, we offer special courses in which all of the functions in the PartsPool® system are explained in detail.

All courses are conducted using the current PartsPool® version and give you the opportunity to easily learn the new functions in the system based on examples and tasks.

After an introduction by the Eucon Training Academy, the start with the new generation of PartsPool® is made much easier and users do not have to laboriously learn the new interface and new functions on their own.

Train your employees in classroom courses or individual courses and increase the application expertise in your team. An extensive introduction will make sure that you don't miss helpful features such as the new group functions. Users who are spread across many remote sites can easily exchange specific information on individual references within the group and thus facilitate communication between pricing and product management:

The courses listed below are conducted by experienced experts:

  • PartsPool® classroom courses
  • PartsPool® individual courses

Feel free to contact us for an individual offer.