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Eucon becomes shareholder of the Caruso data platform

The Eucon Group, leading supplier of market information services for vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers and digitalization expert for insurance companies and real estate becomes a new shareholder of Caruso, the innovative data platform for telematics data in the automotive aftermarket.

Eucon becomes shareholder of the Caruso data platform

Caruso Launch-Event at Fraunhofer IESE in Kaiserslautern on 16.11.2017, Photo: Caruso  

The digital and partly disruptive transition taking place in the automotive and insurance sectors poses a great challenge. "The" car is changing radically and is becoming the "connected car" as part of an integrated mobility system, ranging from a conventional means of transport to a data center on wheels which is digitally networked (e.g. car to infrastructure communication). If companies are able to understand and cooperatively exploit this development, there are many advantages for companies and their customers: "The Eucon shareholding in Caruso, the neutral and open platform, enables us to assure our customers in the automotive and insurance sectors that we will continue to be able to actively shape core changes in the respective sectors and to exploit digitalization to enhance the value chain", promises Sven Krüger, CEO of the Eucon Group.

The following two advantages are of particular importance:

In the insurance sector Eucon is active in the area of real estate claims and car claims. Eucon will now be able to offer insured parties additional services on the basis of modern telematics data which are even closer to the first notice of loss. This will further add to the extensive range of Eucon services over the whole claims process and accelerate the transition over to intelligent, automated and lean claims management.

The Caruso platform can be used to make globally leading solutions from Eucon for the automotive aftermarket available to associated partners (including end consumers). This means that extensive databases, applications and telematics-based services for replacement parts management will be upgraded and extended to be user-centered.

These two core advantages demonstrate that in future the Eucon Group will continue to offer comprehensive support to its customers with state of the art technology to exploit the opportunities presented by digitalization over the whole value chain. The ability to understand the potential of digitalization for all parties is also the philosophy of Caruso: "The vision of Caruso is, against the background of increasing digitalization, to create a neutral, open and secure data marketplace which is open to all of the previous and future players of the automotive aftermarket", explains Alexander Haid, Managing Director of Caruso GmbH.

"Our open attitude has helped us play an active role in the sector for the last 20 years and we are a pioneer in the field of innovative, data-driven digitalization solutions. Although the Caruso shareholding is only one of many steps towards the future for us, we are happy to be able to work together on this market-defining solution and with all those involved to grasp the associated opportunities  – for us and for our customers", explains Sven Krüger, CEO of the Eucon Group.

More information is available at www.caruso-dataplace.com and www.eucon.com.

Written by Eucon Group