increase the efficiency of your claim processes

Use digitized settlement processes to lower claims and process costs for vehicle claims.

We offer efficient car claims checking and processing, among other things in these areas

Paint and bodywork damage
  • Checking of bodywork and paint claims
  • Total loss checking, placement in salvage exchanges
  • Checking and determination of replacement values
  • Checking of diminished values
  • Post-calculation of repair times
  • Commissioning and communication with partner workshops
  • Provision of a software-based checking process for insurers
Glass damage
  • Checking of car glass claims
  • Integration of partner workshops
  • Automatic checking of stone chipping
  • Negotiation with car glass companies by our experts in cases of complaints
  • Web-based management information system Check-it Monitor
Towing and rescuing services
  • Checking of towing and rescuing services
  • Expert checking for both passenger cars and trucks
  • Document checking in the area of oil trace removal
  • Center of expertise: Negotiation and complaint handling
  • Efficient approval processes and settlement
  • Invoice portal for towing and rescue companies
  • Towing Assistant


Whether letter, e-mail, fax or phone, we gather all of the data and convert it into a structured format: With specialized data extraction, we merge everything in one database and create the basis for efficient review and settlement, collecting all of the data from your records and providing it to you for further processing.


With the Towing Assistant, towing and rescue companies record their invoices directly in the portal. In this way, you receive the invoice and inspection result directly in your claim file to complete the process. In case of a complaint, our experts are also available to negotiate with towing and rescue companies.


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Claims Management

Increase your efficiency through targeted claims management.


Do not allow the level of claims to decide whether a case is reviewed or simply settled. Structured data and consistent claims management form the basis for a controlled process.

Review & Documentation

With intelligent review processes, create transparency and discover saving potential.


Automated processes require less human effort and deliver flawless results. Our field-proven rules and comprehensive databases and specifications enable a qualified review of all documents according to insurance-specific parameters.


Insurers are obligated towards their customers to actively and consistently combat insurance fraud. With the aid of smart review processes, Gryphos fraud detection can quickly and easily identify fraudulent claims. In this way, the focus remains on the relevant cases.


At first glance, our experts identify the details that will determine the outcome. Experience, thoroughness and high analytical skills make it possible to assess claims documents for plausibility, causality and correct calculation principles.


You have the experts? We have the software that makes you even more efficient. Our automated processes support your experts with data-driven expert checks. In addition, we provide a complete platform for communicating with your partner workshops. In this way, your experts can focus on their technical expertise and ensure efficient claims settlement.


We provide the results of our checking services in the form of meaningful result reports. In consultation with you, we also send you the data in a structured form for direct system-side processing.


Save on expenditures for claims through professional negotiation.


Inspection results can be re-negotiated with workshops. We provide our customers with a final assessment of the case, so that the claim can be directly settled.


A prompt settlement ensures that claims are quickly closed and improves customer satisfaction.


High-quality check results support claims agents in efficient settlement. In this way, processing time per claim and thus process costs can be kept low.


Keep an eye on all processes.


Follow all data and processes on our dashboard, updated daily. Meaningful indicators allow a continuous analysis of claims expenditures and the efficient management of processes.

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